15 Reasons Why Mindy Kaling and I are the Same Person

10:31 AM

I love The Mindy Project and Mindy Kaling in general. I recently finished reading her hilarious book:

I could hardly put it down and while I was glued to it I confirmed what has been a long time suspicion of mine. Mindy and I could be best friends in real life. Now I know that sounds creepy, but read what we have in common and then you'll understand.

15 Reasons Why Mindy Kaling and I Must be the Same Person

  1. We were both wallflowers in highschool, quietly pursuing a passion
  2. We both decided to go to college in the middle of nowhere (Taylor's not as fancy as Dartmouth, but I'll take what I can get)
  3. We are both bad/ awkward with children. We like children, we just don't always have the best instincts with them
  4. We both like dieting, but also like not dieting...
  5.  We take our best friendships very seriously, so we would be unstoppable as friends. 
  6. We enjoy sharing a bed with my friends (no matter the size)
  7. We hate "roast" style humor
  8. We love indian food
  9. We're fans of Amy Poehler, but then who isn't?
  10.  We understand how terribly unrealistic rom coms are, but we love them anyway
  11. We can't understand why it takes guys so long to put their shoes on!!
  12. We have albums that we're emotionally attched to 
  13. We love of Collin Firth, again, who doesn't?
  14. We have the Same ideas on what it takes for a guy to be cool (ie charcol grey peacot and minimal grooming products)
  15. Same favorite scene from Bridget Jones. That "just as you are" lines kills me every time :)

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