On Judas

6:26 AM

Today we heard a minister from the Presbyterian church talk about Judas. He had some very interesting thoughts regarding the severity with which we view this disciple. He pointed out that the word paradounai (παραδοῦναι) in Luke used as "betray" is used hundreds of time in the New Testament, but it is only translated as "betrayal" when referring to Judas. Every other time it mean "to hand down" like tradition, or "to hand over" as God hands us over to Jesus. The question was raised, Should we be trusting this traditional English translation, does this imply that when God hands us over to Jesus that it is a bad thing? Certainly not. Perhaps we have been looking at this scripture in the wrong way. Then we look at Luke 22:3 in a new light.

Then Satan entered Judas, surnamed Iscariot, who was numbered among the twelve. So he went his way and conferred with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray Him to them.

Perhaps Satan entering into Judas is not so much demonic possession like many would believe, but more of the sly, subtle temptation of sin that is classically associated with the enemy. 
Judas knew that Jesus said he was to be handed over and crucified, but he also knew that Jesus was the true Messiah. In Judas' mind he could have seen his actions as getting Jesus before the High Priests to make his case as the Messiah. Initially he may not have seen this as an act of betrayal. Satan entering into Judas may have occurred at the moment Judas decided that he had a better idea than having Jesus crucified, he was going to give Jesus the opportunity to make himself known to the High Priests. What Judas didn't expect was that Jesus had anticipated his actions and their consequences. 

This is just a small summary of a longer lecture, but I found the idea very interesting. How ofter do we just write Judas off as a heartless betrayer? If we see from this new perspective, Judas is no worse than any of us when we decide that we know better that God and we do what ever we please. 

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