You Meet the Whole World Here

9:01 AM

How do I sum up an entire semester in a single post? I can't. If you've been reading you already know many of the things I've learned, but I feel like I need something to close us out since I leave the Emerald Isle tomorrow evening. I guess I shall simply follow suit of my good friends Leanna at between a shamrock and a good place and Arianne at unicorns and peaches.

The most significant thing I got out of this semester was friendships. I'm the type of person who can only be close to two or three people at a time, but here I lived with 31 people day in and day out for three months. We got pretty close as you can imagine. I learned to talk to people and open up to people that I otherwise would have never gotten to know. I'm not best friends with all 31 of these people, but I have more friends now that I think I've ever had in my life and it breaks my heart to think about leaving them tomorrow. I'll see many of them again in the fall, but some of them I may never see again. That is such a dismal thought.

I love these people and we really have become like a big family. I know I sometimes didn't fully appreciate what we've had here, but I have loved living here and I will always remember how beautiful life has been.

This chapter of life is closing and a new one is opening. I'm going back to the states with a fuller understanding of myself and God, a new major, new connections, and an entirely free summer to process all that's happened.

We had a reflection time today as a group and I found a few highlights of my time here that I don't want to forget. I need to remember to appreciate small interactions I have with people because those are often the most important. I also have to remember that even when I feel like an afterthought to everyone else, I am never an afterthought to God.

Yesterday Arianne and I visited our favorite coffee shop for the last time and we sat by the door. A man past us on his way out and he remarked, "Such a charming place isn't it? You meet the whole world here."That was just a beautiful moment. It was like he knew, haha. I felt like he was talking about Greystones. I came here and I met the world. I met all these wonderful people, I met God, and I met myself. I guess Ireland was more to me than I expected.
Oh and for one of our final projects a few of us made a little video. If you enjoy silliness, you should watch it :)

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