You Won't Relent

5:28 AM

I know I'm only twenty, but I feel like these past few months have been solidifying my transition out of childhood. One of the biggest things I've noticed is that growing up does not mean that I suddenly acquire a love of lifetime movies and the need to wear high waisted Levis. In the past year, growing up has meant making colossal mistakes and learning from them. Learning that I can't always go with my gut feeling, learning that there's a time and place to argue, understanding that it's never too late to change and clinging to old opinions and routines only gets in the way of life. Sometimes all you can do is trust that God has everything under control and live life.
Something else God has been teaching me is that He is truly a jealous God and He wants all of me all the time, not just some of me when it's convenient. He's chasing after me even when I put things before Him. This week especially, I've been learning to relinquish control over my life and just let God have His way. While it's hard and uncomfortable, it also feels wonderful to finally let go of those worries. He is faithful and when I think I can't do something, He will give me the strength to carry on. I just have to be humble and let Him take over. 

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