4:01 PM

This week has just been so deliciously happy.  I really feel like all the anger and disappointment of the past few months has dissipated and been replaced with pure unadulterated happiness. And this isn't the kind of happiness that's dependent on some fallible thing. It's just general joy, jubilation. I can only attribute it to Jesus really. I've missed being this happy, I don't think I've felt such joy since I was a kid! Tonight I was at a chapel service and I just felt so peaceful about all the decisions I've been having to make and all the big changes in my life. I found myself laughing with joy during worship. I'm so glad that God turned me around when I was 18 and pointed me in this direction.  I know that this is only a chapter in my life and that trials are going to come, but I just feel like I can take on anything right now. Life isn't always easy, but there's a beauty in how God takes bad things and turns them around.

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