History of Ireland

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Ok, not my best photo, but it is from an iPhone. 
This week we have been studying the history of Ireland in it's entirety. This is no easy task as Ireland is tied to England, France, the US, and a few other countries histories. So besides figuring out the complexities of the Irish political scene we are also struggling to recall little details of high school world history classes. There's been a hectic silence around our little complex as everyone scrambles to read our "textbook" which is really just the most complicated novel I've ever read. The general consensus is the girls hate it, the boys like it. There are a few exceptions, but some people are struggling. One thing I have taken from forcing myself through this complicated history is that the richness of the Irish history has shaped them as a people and has created a deep-rooted sense of self and identity. As Americans we may not understand how wholly one’s history can affect one’s future. Our “young” history leaves us with a confusion of who we are. If we understand where we come from we can understand where we’re going. Our “new nationality” leaves us with more of a blank slate and the “freedom” to decide who we are as individuals without associating ourselves with any sort of ancient past. Could this be the root of our self- centered culture? Maybe I'm thinking too much, but I can't help but be jealous of such a rich history, even if I don't fully comprehend all of it. 

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