Rejoicing in Uncertainty

5:32 AM

So this weekend we were traveling quite a bit. We went down to Kilkenny and we saw two castles, two Abbeys, two cathedrals, and we toured the Waterford Crystal factory. It was a very beautiful trip full of old, beautiful things and new beautiful things. 

Life has been very uncertain lately. There are several things in my life that I would like to have clarity on, including where I'll be this summer and what major I'm supposed to declare. I've been stressing myself out over everything, begging God to just give me one thing. One area in my life that I have an answer for. Then I realized that I already did. God is solid and constant. When everything in the world seems to be supporting the chaos theory, I can find my peace in Him. So I'm rejoicing in my uncertainty. Not knowing may turn out to be a blessing I never expected. There are so many possibilities for my summer and my life and I'm going to focus on that. God knows what's going on even when I don't. 
So life in Ireland is turning out to be very good for my patience and my character. This morning I was going to go for a walk, but I woke up to snow and the angriest wind I've ever encountered. I've been applying to summer internships like crazy this past week and I'm praying that I get one. If I don't I know that God will give me another reason to go home and be with my family. Until then, I hope everyone is having a lovely day. 

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