Small Wonders

3:48 AM

Yesterday was stressful. Like "everything in life is coming to a head and even the little things are going wrong" stressful. I wanted to give up on a lot of things, but I just went to bed and prayed for some touch of beauty or positivity. This morning Arianne and I went to do our homework at a coffee shop, but no homework was accomplished. I had a magnificent soy latte and we just talked it out. Life, school, love, everything. And while nothing was resolved, I just felt better. God knows how to take care of us and even when that overwhelming sense of insanity starts to cover all life's joy, he can just pick you up and set you down in a place where none of that matters. I know all the stress is still there, but I also know that God's got it under control. I can stop freaking out. 

A Minor Bird

I have wished a bird would fly away,
And not sing by my house all day;

Have clapped my hands at him from the door
When it seemed as if I could bear no more.

The fault must partly have been in me.
The bird was not to blame for his key.

And of course there must be something wrong
In wanting to silence any song. 

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