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We are nearly two weeks into the new year and so far I think I've done alright on keeping my resolutions. I know I'm a little late in posting about my resolutions, but I think putting them on here will give me an extra boost of accountability. So here we go!
1. I want to be healthier this year. That means less store bought junk food and more home made, wholesome foods. This should be fairly easy while I'm home, but once I get back to dorm life I'll have to be more creative. Being healthy also mean that I need to exercise on a more consistent basis. I have become a master of sporadic workouts. I really would like to get into running because it's something I can do wherever I am. My goal is to run three miles every week at first and then increase as time goes on. Lately my asthma has been acting up, so for me this is a pretty realistic goal.
2. I want to be more joyful. I am so blessed in so many ways and there is absolutely no reason for me to  be pessimistic or negative. This summer I let myself harbor a lot of resentment and bitterness. It's gotten to the point where I get so irrationally irritated at the drop of a hat. I can't live like that. It makes other people feel bad and it makes me hate the way I act. So that has to change.
3. I want to go deeper in my spirituality. My best friend and I are going to keep each other accountable and do a devotional together. Sometimes I let my priorities get out of whack and I put the silliest things before my relationship with God. I need to put him first, because that it what makes all the difference in my life.
4. I absolutely HAVE to pick a major this year. I am currently on my third major and I know that I want to change it again. I feel like I am constantly changing my mind and I'm in my second semester of my sophomore year and there is just not enough time for me to change it again. When I go back to school next fall I have to start working my final major. No more changing. Thankfully I have this semester abroad to think of what I want to do and make a decision, but after April, there will be no more changes, no more turning back. I want to graduate on time and this has to get done. There's not really a choice on this one.
5. I want to love more. Love my family, love my friends, love people, life, everything. I want to cultivate passions and deepen relationships and ll of that requires me to love more.

"Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man." -Ben Franklin

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