Closing Time

5:57 AM

This is Fuel. Fuel is a youth ministry in the town where I grew up run by Pipeline Church and I volunteered with it for five years. Last night was the final night of the ministry. The church felt like God wanted them to close fuel and wait for a new opportunity to minister to the community. Fuel has meant so much to me over the years. This is the place where I learned about my spiritual gifts, where I met the Holy Spirit, where I learned to make and love coffee. I met my best friend here and some of the coolest people in my life. Fuel is the reason my sister and I stayed close. Fuel is the reason I stayed a Christian. Fuel is the reason I decided to dedicate my life to ministry. This is the place saw every experience of my life from ages fifteen to twenty, both wonderful and tragic. Never have I found a place that exudes so much love and truly demonstrates Christ's love to the community. When everything in my life felt uncertain, Fuel was solid and accepting. I never felt unloved or unwanted at Fuel. The leadership team there was always willing to listen and offer wisdom or simply love whenever it was needed. I'm going to miss hanging out here every Saturday night, but I know that these are chapters in our lives that have to come to a close and I'm excited to see what new things are in store for the Pipeline Church.

Horribly blurry picture of Bradley Hathaway and me.

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