A thankful note

8:56 AM

Today I am thankful for friendships that span hundreds of miles and I'm thankful for a God who never runs out of grace. This Thanksgiving finds me in a rough place. Life is an unpredictable mess sometimes, but I'm learning to be thankful for the messiness of it all. In moments of pain and fear I'm thankful for the raw reality that gets stirred up. I think I get complacent at times and forget how precious even the suffering can be. I'm learning to savor the sadness for what it gives- a new awareness of blessings. Everyday, God reminds me of the good things that hide behind the bad. Happiness is not so far away really, it's just out of my line of sight and until I can see it I will appreciate the suffering that will eventually break and breath a sigh of relief. So today, if you're struggling at all, remember that God is present and He is in control. 
Happy Thanksgiving 

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